Our services
We only work for business clients

ETW Holland B.V. is active from 1987 and provide the business market.

Our activities are:


The engineering department designs electrical concepts for a variety of domains: relighting, electrical refurbishments, controlling systems for process industry, … . Electrical drawings are made in EPlan P8. Furthermore the engineering department maintains a supportive role at all times for the installation teams on-site.


Driven by customers’ energy efficiency goals, E.T.W. Holland B.V. takes ownership for complete relighting projects: from light intensity calculations, over electrical design to mounting of LED lighting.

Process control systems

E.T.W. Holland B.V. designs, installs and commissions electrical control systems for the petrochemical, food & feed and tobacco industry. Our company demonstrates renowned expertise in mounting and commissioning of complex control systems.

Industrial automation

E.T.W. Holland B.V. mounts and commissions industrial automation systems. It concerns PLC systems, potentially combined with HMI and/or SCADA solutions. Programming is performed by one of our software partners.

Control cabinet construction

Our company demonstrates sound experience in cabinet engineering and wiring for various industrial applications. Each cabinet is submitted to severe quality control procedures before being mounted on-site.

Examination of electrical tools

Electrical tools can be examined and registered by E.T.W. Holland B.V. according to NEN3140 and NEN1010. Insulation resistance tests, earth leakage current tests and high voltage tests are performed during an investigation. An extensive report is built at the end of the examination.

Cabling and wiring of material handling systems

E.T.W. Holland B.V. takes care of cabling and wiring of material handling systems. Our company demonstrates a sound knowledge on fieldbus systems (Profibus, ASi, SSI, …), barcode readers and other intelligent sensors.

Mark that the services mentioned above are a mere summary of the services offered by E.T.W. Holland B.V. Please contact us for more information on our services or in case the relevant electro-technical services you are looking for were not mentioned.